The Christmas Stocking Saga

Hi Friends! I'm still here I promise. Brandon and I've both been traveling lots for work and with Thanksgiving, being in a wedding and Christmas around the corner things have been crazy.

I decided to make Brandon's stocking. I decided to make his stocking for our first Christmas we were married. That was two years ago. It hasn't happened yet....

You see...my Grandmother made my stocking {you can see what it looks like here. I'm way to lazy to upload a new pic} way back in 86' using a stocking kit, by a company called Bucilla. Brandon didn't have a stocking growing up or if he did it's no longer around. 

Obviously, he needed one to match mine. So, I decided as his new wife I'd sew him one. Why couldn't I just order a NEW stocking for the both of us from Pottery Barn, or Bed Bath and Beyond or where ever?  Homie don't play that. Just like I like my real Christmas tree, with colored lights, and a mish-mash of ornaments for the last 25+ years I like the stocking my Grandmother made by hand with felt, sequins and the like.  And like I said I wanted our styles to match. So, I ordered this kit.
Brandon's a golfer and who doesn't love a Santa playing golf?
How hard could it be right? Let's just say it ended in tears. It arrived late, I assumed it wouldn't take any time at all {wrong} and obviously I ruined our first Christmas together. I broke down and bought him a red felt stocking from the Dollar General. I didn't even write his name on it. 

So, fast forward to last December. Crap, I should probably start sewing his stocking again. I got as far as reading the instructions. Taking all of the pieces out. Separating all of the thread. DID I MENTION NONE OF IT IS PUT TOGETHER. Reading the instructions again. Trying to figure out how to stitch his name in nice cursive-y writing like they did Nick's name above. Well, Brandon has way more letters than Nick and it took be forever to get half of the "B" done. So, I gave up.  Red felt stocking round 2.

So, here we are again. The week before Christmas and I've decided to attempt the quest to make his stocking again. I have a new plan this year. Skip the name. Have my Grandmother worry about when I see her next week. {Thanks in advance Betty!}. Focus on things that I don't suck at, like sewing on sequins or cutting out little trees {scratch that...my tree cutting skills are marginal}.

Last night I stayed up until 1:30 working on the stupid thing. All I have is the two big pieces stitched together and 7 trees with sequins. This might take a life time.

Let's just say if we have kids their stockings are coming from Pottery Barn or Grandma is going to have to make them because I have a feeling they won't ever have one at this rate. 



P.S. I blame my Mother for the idea because she made a stocking for my Dad when they were first married. The only difference is she has skills.

P.P.S Did I mention that my Grandmother is the stocking making queen? She made all 15 of her grandkids a stocking. The worst year was 88' when she had to make 4.


  1. ! That's too funny. As someone who throws in the towel early, kudos for trying each year. You can do it! And I totally wouldn't rule out Unique Stitch in the event you can get away with not sewing every single piece of flair ;)

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