House Friday: It's a Work in Progress

Hi friends. Yes, I totally just made up a new series called House Friday. Because #1 it's Friday and that seems to be the only time I write anything. And #2 I need to write about our house before I forget all the details of being in our first home. Really this is for my own good.

After being in our new house for about a month I'm slowly starting to feel settled. 
We still have a handful of boxes that we need to unpack and things aren't hung on the walls BUT we are making progress. The truth of the matter is our walls are plaster and I'm scared to hang anything because I'm terrible at making decisions. Especially when it comes to hanging photos.

So, until I actually get some of the other rooms "decorated" {news flash I'm not a decorator AT ALL} I thought I'd share the progress to-date with the kitchen.

Backstory on the house. Built in 1929. Original hardwoods throughout. Original windows. Nice architectural detail with archways, picture frame molding etc. 3 bedrooms. 1 Pink bathroom, yes pink. Salmon or Rust {I'm not sure the exact color} in the kitchen. Eat-in Kitchen. Drainboard countertop that we think was original.

Here are the photos I "borrowed" from the real estate listing mainly because I'm too lazy to plug in my camera and really they are probably better than the ones I took. 
What color is that?
No countertop space due to microwave

Yes, laundry is in the kitchen but we have plans for countertop and cabinets
Why would you paint that door knob orange?

When we bought the house we figured we'd remodel the kitchen at some point but that requires time, money and an idea of what you want to do. I decided that I could live with the kitchen for a little while if it was a different color. So, the weekend that we moved in my sister and I painted the kitchen.

After painting various samples we picked this lovely shade of grey {not shades of grey like the book} and went to Lowe's to purchase it.
Please forgive the mess. We moved in that morning.
Well, I forgot the sample. No problem I know which color it is on the little piece of paper. At least I thought I did. After putting on one coat of paint we finally decided that it was the wrong color. Yep, painting fail. I bought the wrong color.
Hi Max. What are you guys doing?
The color we ended up with is way more on the blue side than we had planned. But I wasn't about to stop and re-paint so we are just going to go with it. 

So, here is what it looked like after the paint dried and the boxes were unpacked. 
Luckily our dishes look nice in the open cabinets. I'm still not sold on the open look.

 Soon we decided the microwave and convection oven needed to be on a more substantial shelf instead of the wire rack. So, we moved the bookshelf into the kitchen. Our books are currently still all in boxes. I'm trying to convince Brandon we need built-ins or bench setting...
Oh, another fun thing that happened...the refrigerator decided to die after we had been in the house for two weeks. We had planned on upgrading all of the appliances at some point but I don't think we had planned on it this soon. 
Brandon also finally decided to stain our table top. Supposedly he's building one and this piece of wood was just a temporary thing, which is why it was never stained. We are going on year 2. No tabletop. It does look much better than before.

This is our tiny back door. We aren't exactly sure why it's so tiny or why it doesn't match the trim.
It's fine, it goes with our tiny washer and tiny dryer {which is on back order}. We think the previous owners must have had top loading washer and dryer because the space is so narrow we had to purchase little baby front loaders. This could also be why the water line is so much higher than the washing machine. We've talked about building them in with cabinets to give us more counter top space. Also, it would be nice to be able to close them off. But again all those things require time and money.

So, that's the tour of our eat-in kitchen and laundry room. And no, it doesn't look this clean all the time. If I make a bowl of cereal I somehow use every utensil and pot and pan we own. At least according to my husband...




  1. That tabletop looks really nice.

  2. Looking good, lady! And you're a brave woman to display your dishes on open shelves. Love the colors!

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  4. Love this! :) I can't wait to see what you do with the house!

    Also - about hanging stuff on plaster walls. Use 3M picture frame strips! Then, if you want to move them, you can, with no damage to the walls!!

  5. I love the color you choose and it's so cute!! I'm so excited to see more of your house and I think it's adorable but do agree that some built ins would be amazing. But I'm a built in freak. :)