Working from Home

Some days working from home can be very lonely. 

For example when the only "person" you talk to is your dog. Occasionally, he talks back {yes, we are those crazy people that talk to our dog} but usually he doesn't have much to say. Since, we've moved into our new house, I no longer have Grandpa to chat with, so it's just me and the dog.
Oh, P.S. we moved into our new house over Labor Day. We've been busy unpacking and organizing. I'll get around to an official tour sooner or later. Probably later instead of sooner. And yes, we are currently using a folding table and chairs in our dinning room. At least it has a table cloth, right?

Anyway, back to working from home. My day is usually filled with conference calls and emails so working from home/remotely works great. There are some days that I miss going into the office. Putting on real clothes. Interacting with real people. 

But then there are some days where working for home is awesome. Like, not having to put on real clothes. Running a quick errand in the middle of the day if I need to. Or working from our back deck like I did earlier this week.
Or there are days like today where I'm still in my yoga clothes {I did actually go to a class this morning}, drinking coffee, watching it rain, responding to emails and listening to Pandora at a level that wouldn't be acceptable in the office. 

Moral of the story: Will I always like working from home? I don't know. But it works for me this week.

Happy Friday! 


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