Home Sweet Home

Earlier this year Brandon got the following fortune:
 We joked that the new home would be his Dad's travel trailer or the extra bedroom at his Dad's house. We've wanted to buy a house for a while but always assumed it would be later this fall or even early next year. 

You see we really wanted to have a hefty size down payment and even though we had been saving for a while we weren't sure we were there financially. Well, then I moved to Oklahoma and we started talking more seriously about getting a house. 

We've been so fortunate to have a place to stay while we figure out our next move. I'll forever be grateful to my Father-in-law and Grandpa for letting us stay with them. But we needed our own space. I needed to not work and live in the same room. 

Well, today we close on our first house.
It's a cute 3 bedroom house, built in 1929 and has beautiful hardwood floors. It's in a great neighborhood that's close to Brandon's work and downtown.

The last month and a half have been a whirlwind. {Which is part of the reason I haven't blogged...I didn't want to jinx anything}. The whole thing has happened so fast. The following is the timeline of events: {Really this is more for me because I want to remember this crazy process}. 

July 16th: I reached out to a Dave Ramsey's ELP.  He started sending us listings in the area we thought we wanted to live in. 

July 21st: We started to drive around to look at houses in various neighborhoods. 

July 23rd: I emailed a bunch of lenders to start the pre-approval process.  Brandon is Native American so we were trying to find a lender that specializes in Section 184 Native American Loans. 

July 26th: We had a pre-qualification letter.

July 29th: We went and looked at 5 houses. 

August 1st: I took my Sister-in-law with me to look at 5 more houses including one from our first outing. {Brandon was out of town on work}

August 2nd: Brandon called the realtor to find out what the chances were that the house we really liked would sell in the next couple days. He called the listing agent and it had an offer on it but that the seller hadn't reviewed it yet. So, we went ahead and submitted an offer. They accepted our offer! 

August 6th: We signed a million papers at the bank and handed over every piece of information about our past.

August 10th: We had a home inspection. There was some minor things that needed to be fixed but for a home built in 1929 it was in great shape.

August 20th: We had the appraisal. The bank requested some additional work to be done on the detached garage. 

August 29th: Final appraisal by the bank. 

August 31st: We close! 

So, in basically a month we went from looking at houses to closing. It's still crazy to think we own a home.



  1. CONGRATULATIONS! How exciting! Your pins were definitely raising my eyebrows :) Enjoy it as the dust settles and can't wait to see the inside.

  2. CONGRATS! :) How exciting! It's an ADORABLE house! Love it! Can't wait to see the inside!!

  3. Wow! Congrats! How exciting! It's an awesome house! Love it! Can't wait to see the inside!

  4. New homeowners unite!! I love your little bungalow :) Now, we need to talk paint and house decorating!! Hope y'all are settling in!!