Hi Friends, 
I'm still alive and kicking. Just not very motivated to blog. 

Seems like Instagraming and Tweeting take less effort and don't require as many words.

Update on Life: Run, work, eat, sleep, drink, take a photo a day, occasionally do some laundry, listen to Brandon talk about tube amps {his latest project}...repeat. 

I've been running more. Lots more actually. But let's get into that another day. It really requires an entire post to discuss this increase in running and I don't have the energy on Friday afternoon to get into it.

I just wanted to say hi and assure you that even though things have been quiet around these parts and posting has been sporadic I'm NOT pregnant. That seems to be the go-to assumption when bloggers go "dark." Follow me on instagram and the number of "adult beverages" I try to make pretty with a filter will confirm this.

Anyway, Have a good weekend. 



P.S. I realize this post sounds kinda emo. Don't worry, Brandon will tell me later what an emo post this is. Maybe I should drink more coffee...or water...or just take a nap at my desk. Or just start drinking. TGIF

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