It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like

My Husband hates me right now. Or just the tree-picking-out/decorating process.

This weekend involved many tough decisions like:

Buy an already chopped down tree or go cut one ourselves

Noble Fir or Douglas Fir

Regular lights or LED lights

Colored lights or White lights

Pay an outrageous amount for a tree skirt or use the table runner your Grandmother made for the wedding. 

Buy a star/angel/some other tree topper or use the star you made from 6 pack holders back in grade school. 

Well, I'm proud to say I made all the hard decisions and only had to "Phone a Friend" {Mom} once... or twice. 

With the approval of Max we got to work putting together the tree stand.
At some point during the tree stand putting together process Brandon pointed out that my hair didn't look nearly as nice as Erin Andrews on TV{bite me}. Well, if I had a hair stylist with me all day at work I'd look that nice too. So in an effort to "Erin Andrews" my hair-do I braided it. Then he couldn't figure out why hers was so much thicker and looked better. Please see STYLIST AND EXTENSIONS.
Anyway, back to the Christmas spirit. 
Our First Tree
I made a fatal mistake in my Christmas light purchasing process of not buying enough strands of lights. Mainly because I went with the LED's which were more expensive and I was too cheap to buy another strand. Unfortunately, I only came to terms with this after the ornaments were already on so there was no turning back. 
Brandon is right, my hair does look pretty bad. 

Anyway, like many projects in life I always start by dumping everything out on the table. {This is especially true with laundry.} I wasn't kidding when I said I had a lot of ornaments.

After spending way to long finding the perfect place for each ornament I give you our Christmas tree. Ta-Da. {Yes, I went with the star I made in grade school from 6 pack holders.}
I really wanted to have a "grown up" tree. You know the ones with all white lights, beautiful gold and silver ornaments with large ribbon as garland. Well, I just couldn't do it. I had to go with what I know, which is a multi-colored tree with a mish-mash of ornaments I grew up with and left over purple ribbon from the wedding. It might not be the most glamorous tree but it's our tree. 

Some of my favorite ornaments include:
Harry Potter Catching the Snitch
Merry Christmas Y'all
Troll Santa
Kelly Rocking the Side Pony back in Grade School
 {In other news my Mother is taking back some of the other ornaments I made as a kid, guilt tripped her.

Many of my other favorite ornaments are breakable and I didn't think breakable ornaments + out of control dog + concrete floors was a good idea. So, I placed them on a plate by the fire place.
I also hung my stocking with care...
And made this little over the fire place thingy with berries I had and a pine cone. {This is the most creativity I have, like ever.}
Please don't be alarmed Maxwell will have a stocking in time for Christmas. I promise I'm not the worst doggie mom ever. Oh yeah, Brandon will too. I got the bright idea to make his stocking much like my Grandmother made mine and my Mom made my Dad's.  Yes, I waited until roughly 2.5 weeks before Christmas to start this project. It should arrive tomorrow. This could get ugly.

What is your favorite part about your tree or decorations?



  1. First the ring?! Now the stocking?! You're making the rest of us look bad. You know it took my mom about 8 months to make her grandbabies those same stockings...momma Rice might have a little more skill than you...just sayin'...I do have faith though!

  2. I LOVE your tree, specifically Santa Troll, and mostly your grade school side pony. Adorbs!

  3. I think we had retakes that year ....it was a bad hair day...the kindergarten picture of course :)