Wedding Wednesday: Bachelorette Party Weekend

Two days from now all my favorite girls will be coming into town to celebrate! I seriously can't wait to see them!  

When we started planning for the party I knew that Vegas wasn't exactly in the cards and not really my style. Also, we are going to be in New Mexico for the actual wedding, so that's not fun. Why not have all the girls come to Austin? But I didn't really want to have a huge blow out, dirty 6th style {even though it is bound to happen sometime between now and the wedding}. No, really all I wanted to do was hang out with my girlfriends in the sun with drinks in  hand.

So, we are headed down to New Braunfels for a weekend getaway full of eating, drinking, floating the river,  relaxing and more eating and drinking.There are some possible concerts to go to but really we are just keeping our options open and hanging out.

I'm praying to 8lb 6oz baby Jesus that all "non-classy" typical bachelorette party gear is left at home. I don't  handle excessive attention well, especially when it involves male genitals. So, I realize I don't have a say in the matter but for the love of god why do bachelorette parties have to include penis gear? Seriously, I'm embarrassed just talking about it or typing it. I realize I'm getting married and my "single life" is over. Well, newsflash that happened about 5 years ago and I don't need to celebrate it with a penis whistle. If you want strippers and penis gear at your party I will in no way judge you. That's how you celebrate getting married, I'll just celebrate mine with excessive drinking and a sun burn. End of rant.

Well, maybe that's a little harsh.. but really, how did you celebrate your bachelorette party{seriously no judging from me on how the "police man" came to your party}? I just want to hear what I'm in for this weekend. 



  1. I totally told my bridesmaids that I wanted no penis props. Luckily they listened. We started the night at The Alamo (all my guests were from out of town) for a Master Pancake Show and went on drink away on 6th Street. It was fabulous! Hope you have a good one!

  2. OMG I JUST DIED! I realize I'm getting married and my "single life" is over. Well, newsflash that happened about 5 years ago and I don't need to celebrate it with a penis whistle.

    That by far is the best line EVER! :) You'll have fun and I can't wait to hear about it. Wish I was going and not working! xoxo

  3. I'm with you, girl! Fortunately, my 17-year-old sister planned my bachelorette party. (Though she did gift my most scandalous piece of lingerie!) We drank margaritas and ate key lime cupcakes and toasted with champagne on the boat. The only male part we saw was the random guy who mooned us from across the lake!

    Have an awesome weekend!

  4. Bahahaha! I laughed out loud reading this post. I couldn't agree more - a tasteful, grown-up party is exactly what I would choose if it were me. That's not to say you can't have fun, just not the kind of fun that involves "props" (I'm embarrassed to type it, too haha).

  5. I hope you have a great time!

    My bridesmaids knew I didn't want penis props or a veil or boa or anything else attention getting. There were a few gag gifts in the hotel, but other than that it was a very fun girls weekend in Chicago. I had a great time and didn't feel like everyone was staring at me. (Thank God!) I'm sure your friends will know you well enough to know what you want. It'll be great!

  6. Nothing too crazy, we did a lingerie shower and played some funny games in the hotel, there WERE penis straws but that's about it. Dinner and drinks on 6th :)

  7. I dont want any weenies at mine, either!!!

  8. oh my gosh i feel the exact same way! my party is in 4 weeks ... i want to nicely say "no games, no penises, thankyouverymuch" but not hurt the others ideas of fun!