It's A Give Away

In celebration of reaching my 100th post on the blog, the red cups being back at Starbucks, it being November and the Holidays are around the corner, and running my 2nd Half Marathon in 10 days:

I'm Hosting a Giveaway!!

When consulting my dear Boyfriend on what I should have for the giveaway to my readers he said Hugs. Because they are free. Well, it's kinda hard to give hugs over the internet but here you go.

*Internet Hugs* for all.

Thank you all for putting up with me and my ramblings the last 6 months and 100 posts later.

Now onto the real goods... Because you guys rock one lucky person will be the winner of:

Fliptop Gloves. 

Perfect for those cold winter mornings. Best of all it prevents having to remove the entire glove for texting/iphone using.

$10 Gift Card to Starbucks.

I know, I know. Support your local coffee shop but being this is an international blog, I had to have an international gift certificate. And I don't shop at Wal-Mart or eat at McDonald's so, this was the best bet.

Aladdin Recycled Travel Mug

Take your coffee to go in this recycled, bpa free travel mug. Purchased at our local outdoor store. Hopefully to make up for the lack of local coffee shop.

Unfortunately, for my three male readers I'm not sure the gloves will fit. But I have saved you the trouble of buying a present for your girlfriend, mom, or special lady friend.

Yes, all photos were taken with my poor quality I-phone. And yes, all were taken during work inside a conference room. That's how exciting my job is.

Now, how do I become the owner of such fabulous goods you ask? Well, you enter of course. The following ways will get you entered:

1.) Leave a comment!

2.) Let me know that you are a follower. Reveal yourself oh closet readers.

3.) Re-blog about the giveaway.

4.) Announce your entry on Twitter.

So, my poor math skills tell me that you could have four entries! Oh wait, if you have multiple twitter announcements and re-blogging that could turn into more than four possible ways. Wow, this could really get out of control. Anyway, those are details I'll figure out later.

Oh, make sure you get entered before midnight on Friday, November 6th, I'm not dealing with central, eastern, western time zones etc. Just get it in before Saturday, how about that? I'll announce the winner on Monday. Good Luck!



P.S. I have no affiliation with the fliptop glove brand, Starbucks or Aladdin Travel Mugs. They have never heard of me or my desire to have a perfect ponytail. All items were purchased out of my own pocket because I love you and appreciate you all for being there for me. I haven't hit it big time yet where people want me to pimp their goods. But I totally would if they were cool and asked nicely and gave me free stuff.


  1. Those gloves are waaay too amazing and I freakin love coffee!

    1) Commenting!
    2) I'm a follower. I've never been known to be a leader.
    3) My blog about your giveaway
    4) My tweet about your giveaway

    Shabam! Gimme!

  2. Oh cool!! This is my entry- you're such a sweetie by the way! Thank you for buying this stuff for us!

  3. congrats on your 100th post! great giveaway!!

    p.s. i am a follower.

  4. YAY! Congrats on your 100th post and on your upcoming half marathon! I follow you faithfully :) And I twittered you!

  5. I follow...aaaaaaaaaaand...I tweeted (twitter.com/DCPrincessQ)

    Congrats on your 100th!!

  6. I'm a new follower
    baaa just the same
    because Rachel said so
    but mostly because hellmart and mcdeath are the result of demon spurts

    I tweeted, well technically I ReTweeted.. twitter.com/laFemmeBoheme

  7. Oh yay for 100 posts! And I'm totally one of your followers!

  8. Oh crap...already 7 comments! And even more "oh crap" I might be the only person in the world that DOESN'T HAVE A TWITTER ACCOUNT! Unbelievable, I know. But, guess what, I'm posting you on Facebook, so there. OK, done. Oh, and I don't have a blog to re-post on, but I could guest blog about it....Enough already....How are you going to choose a winner??

  9. Yay! So fun! Congrats! Count me in!

    And I'm a follower!

  10. I am a follower.

    What a great way to enjoy the "cold" with a pair of beautiful looking gloves and a warm drink!!!

  11. i want that. this is your sister allison by the way.

  12. Congrats on your 100th post! I love reading your blog and of course, am a loyal follower!

    Cute giveaway - these are all great!

  13. Yes please! The gloves would be perfect for texting while walking in Portland, ME.

    I'm a follower. :)

    I'll be posting this on my blog.

  14. Woo hoo! Love those cute gloves!! (And...I'm a follower...) Good luck on the half!

  15. Oh, and I'm about to spread it on my blog...

  16. 1)My comment- pick me, pick me!
    2)New follower!
    3) Added to my blog giveaway side bar

    - Also, I am hosting a giveaway too- stop by and check it out!-

  17. Obvs I follow and those mittens are so cute. I need to get on the giveaway train again. I am sucking. :)

    Pick me beezie. remember that zensah? I KID! HA AH AHA

  18. 1. I'm commenting! I'm a closet reader.
    2. Actually, I'm a closet follower! Although I guess I'm not considered closet if you know I'm a follower.

    Will tweet about this later. So excited!

  19. Congrats on 100 - it goes so fast, huh??

    I'm here commenting, following and I did better than blog about it: I added a link to my sidebar!! Unfortch, I don't do the "twitter" thing. :)

  20. I'm a non-blogging follower....i like to read them, not write them :)

    Jennifer S. from Jersey

  21. I LOVE those type of gloves my last ones wore out ):

  22. I follow you through google friends!

  23. Ahhhh this is me being a total procrastinator and waiting until the last minute to enter, but...

    I'm a follower and I (re)tweeted this. Also, I think I should get bonus points for all the free beer I threw your way this evening. I intended to blog about this as well, but see: free beer.

    In other news, I got home from beer & pizza just now to find my neighbor asleep on my porch. He didn't even wake up when I stepped over him to unlock my door. Point is: there are people in this world who do worse things than giggle-clap in unison with 3 others after 3 pitchers.