Tulsa truly became home in 2013. Can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for us!  Happy New Year! 




Everyday I love you more. Happy Anniversary babe!



P.S How has it already been three years?


We have curtains

We interrupt this 4 month blogging break. {No I'm not pregnant.}

To announce that we finally have curtains.

It only took us a year. Side note: How crazy is it that we've been in our house a year? Anyway, please see my last post to see how bleak things were before.

Living room WITH curtains:
Yes, I realize the wall is still blank. What kind of "art" do you hang in this kind of space?

See, I told you we have a TV. Brandon would want you to notice the speakers. He made them. He's like a male, hipster version of Martha Stewart.

Dinning room WITH curtains.

Master Bedroom WITH curtains. This was my most recent trim/door painting extravaganza.
We also moved the furniture around which makes the space feel SO much larger. Isn't it weird how that works?

Brandon thinks I'm crazy but I also painted the guest bedroom {again} and the trim. The tan that we originally painted it when we moved in {to match the rest of the bedrooms} seemed too dark. The gray lightens things up for sure.

Guest bedroom WITH curtains

I am ALMOST done with painting! My office is the only room left that I need to paint. After painting all the doors and trim I'm not sure I want to ever pick up a paint brush again.

Other big house projects this fall: Bathroom remodel. No DIY here. We're bringing in professionals.



P.S. We got another dog this summer from my boss. Her name is Clementine. She's been a great addition to the fam. We'll touch base again in about 4 months. In the meantime, follow me on Instagram. It requires less typing.


House Update: Six Months Later

It's been a crazy couple of months. Don't worry I'm not going to try to recap everything that has happened since February. But I am going to provide an update on our house. Mainly for myself, so I can document our progress {or lack of}. 

So what have we been up to in the first six months in our house?

Spoiler: we haven't really done anything other than change some paint and make some furniture/appliance purchases.

So here's the before and the after. Obviously, the first photos were taken by a professional {I borrowed them from our realtor} and the second photo was taken by my iPhone. 

Living Room

My sister and I spent a week painting the trim and wall color a lighter color. It basically looks the same.
I promise we have a TV. I just forgot to take a picture of it. I'm too lazy to go back and take one now.
 Dining Room
I started my painting expedition in the dining room. It looks basically the same...

Brandon made our table. I've written a post about it but never published it. Yes, the chairs have crushed velvet seats.
Master Bedroom

You'll find we don't have window treatments in the house. I have commitment issues .
Guest Bedroom
We painted the blue in the first week.
I'm in the process of painting all the trim and doors in the house. I hate myself.
Yes, it's still pink.
Office- see more on my office updates here.
There's a futon on the other wall. Again, too lazy to take picture.
Kitchen- I did an entire post on this.

I want a new garage with automatic doors. That is all.
We did add a garden in the backyard.
And hung the sign my Dad made from our wedding.
And cleaned up the front flower beds.

So thoughts after living in our house six months? Everything takes longer and costs more than I ever imagined. Our list of "quick fixes" basically hasn't exactly happened and it's even more evident now that I need curtains. Or something on our walls. Or an interior decorator. 

More at a later date. Probably months from now.